Friday, March 18, 2011

haih =/

okay so i've decided 2 update again after readin other ppl's blog
sometimes i feel tat ughh... y must like tis y must like tat?
can't we just give n take?
some ppl just take n never give
how annoyin -.-

holiday's endin n i'm so freakin busy wit all stuff!
never get 2 enjoy myself
1st: school work
2nd: tuition work
3rd: telematch event 
can i just like stop all d time?
i'm willin 2 buy some time.... =D
sadly, there's no such thing except in dreamland haih =/
i should just stop complainin n go back on track...
ishh -.-

TO ALL READERS OF TIS BLOG ( i'm not even sure there r still ppl readin tis blog ), THERE WILL BE A TELEMATCH EVENT HELD BY d2 Youth Club organised by me ( i dunno how the hell i got d post -.- ) MAKE SURE U GUYS JOIN! 

p/s: form 1-5 onli =D

Thursday, January 20, 2011

101 post = hateness n unhappiness

ok now,
i'm gonna make tis post sound not as bad as it goes
the story goes like tat:
my maid is like unhappy wit me cause i'm unhappy wit her?
it's like our yin n yang not ngam -.-"
then rite mum keep on sayin tat maid clean house, wash clothes n wash car enough edi TAT I KNOW SINCE I DUNNO maybe since i know how 2 think?
problem lies between me n her, NOT HER WORKIN 
if i were 2 talk bout her work, i'll probably use up tis whole page!
it's her attitude!
if IF! she can just dun show her unhappy face in front of me n dun raise her voice n front of me, i still can rethink of lettin her stay
my parents also another 1 kind. ==
keep on sayin tat i look down on her cause she's a maid
i dun mind if she call her parents or sisters 1 month twice or once but it's like almost every week also got!
also if they wanna brin her out also it's okay but 1 month once! not every single week!
okay i might sound like i'm bullyin her BUT I'M NOT! 
y am i always d bad person? they dun get d real picture of it!
GERAMNYA! -.- == -.= =.- 

Friday, December 3, 2010

blogs just dun update themselves

it's kinda fun recallin memories
memories last forever but feelings doesn't

okay i'm gonna stop bloggin like wei ying -.-
i'm such a failure...
ahh watever

back 2 main topic
i get 2 skip work 2 day! =D
but i need 2 go tuition -.-
tuition's gettin more fun?
suddenly love 2 go tuition =o

i kinda hate snow now -.-
my parcel from UK is delayed thanks 2 it
it's supposed 2 arrive 2 day but yeah u know it
i seriously can't wait for it 2 arrive n also 2 see my iPod Nano!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

mmm.. workin = tiredness?

heyy animals n humans!
since i'm so bored so i decided 2 update just for u guys =D

workin's gettin kinda bored..
u do like d same thing for d whole day?
i met a friendly Indian lady which worked at Alpha for 16 years?
she's reli " pat " n she talks 2 me like for d whole day..
but she's reli reli nice n i love talkin 2 her =)

cousins r sleepin at my house 
so yeah, very little privacy except weekends...
= no dota, no blog n also no computer
n also i can't wait for my iPod Nano 2 arrive NEXT WEEK!
Kay Kay's gonna be sooo jealous!

i'm off~

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

alive to dead dead to alive

at last i'm updatin my blog cause everyday's been scoldin me for not updatin it for like 1 month?
so d 1st things i wanna update was bout Sabah Trip..
ahh.. too much to talk bout n i'm lazy 2 type AGAIN!
so check out here at Pusat Tuisyen Dunia Didik's blog..
all d articles r done mostly by me..

next was pre-form 4 class
mm.. accounts doesn't seem 2 give me problem now
same goes 2 add maths but i can see tat it's comin soon
physics kinda okay
chemistry! need 2 pay more attention

i also went 2 singapore durin deepavali
n guess wad, kay kay also went there at the same time but i didn't see her...
looks like singapore ain't tat small after all =)

oh oh!
i also went 2 rachel's CF party last week
had so much fun while playin games..
will upload some video's in facebook =D 

relatives came last week from singapore n jb
my house was flooded wit ppl..
guess wad..
20 ppl slept at my house for tat 2 days!
can u imagine how we fit ourselves n there?

Gasoline @ i-City, Shah Alam 

i guess tat's all for now since i'm way tired after workin...
will update SOON! =D

Her Yao Yeo, Kennard =)

Friday, October 22, 2010

here it comes at last

Sabah Sabah Sabah Sabah Sabah
Sabah Sabah Sabah Sabah Sabah 
Sabah Sabah Sabah Sabah Sabah

here I come!
just can't wait for it! 
will be at PTDD at 4 am; if i'm not late tat is...
won't be updatin my blog ( as if i'm at frequent updater =.= )
will keep u guys posted if there's Wi-Fi or 3G =)

had a little party with michelle, she mun, seng sin, yi ting, kay kay n mun jun yesterday
played DoTa, basketball and also crappin around
wish i can more of tis type of party!
after comin back from Sabah then got tution liow
sad rite?
still can party but must plan time liow
arghh >:(
n also my Sunway Lagoon trip!
dunno how edi cause of d girls have a bit " women problem "
owh well..
wad 2 do?

i gotta go pack my bag!
see u guys on wednesday!
n also " yi lu shun fong "
damn traditional ==

Her Xuan xD

Monday, October 18, 2010

a tale of life

have you ever wonder in each of our mind, why is there no delete button? or if there is, you can never reach it and use it? tis incident happened to 1 of my best friend and i'm being a good listener to listen to wad she say. do u believe in first love? well, no one is ever going to forget about their first love and people might forget what you did to them, but people will never forget how you made them feel. primary school life. the story started with my friend talking to his boy-friend. let's name them amanda and william. it was after upsr and same goes to every kid; boring. so, amanda was wondering around and saw william; sitting down alone and lonely. she took the initiative to talk to william and was like other love stories. 

they started to fell for each other. everyday they will sms from dawn to dusk. amanda just couldn't resist to stop sms william and always went to reload. one fine day, after tuition, william's mum suddenly came dashing into the centre and shouted " who's amanda?! ". after seeing her, she went out of the sudden. random rite? xD amanda was totally puzzled! at night, william explained to amanda was had happened. william's mum wad always checking his sms and noticed tat he was always sms amanda. she wanted to have a good look at tis girl and surprisingly, she agreed on their relationship. ( how good if had such good parents, sigh )  

it was either God wanted to separate them or it was time for them; teenage life. as william did not do well for upsr, he went to  a bad class while amanda, being smart was in d first few classes. their life started breaking apart. they started to don't talk to each other and continue their path of life. meanwhile, amanda's phone was also lost and she started to be emo and never really talk to any person. i guess it was really God's will. then, she cannot forget the past and move to the future. after spilling out her stories, i started giving her advises and ways to get over william. now, she's gone back to become a cheery girl and still a bit emo ( i guess ) but time heals all wounds, rite? 

p/s: i think tis is my longest post ever!
p/ss: dun ask me who is she/ he
p/sss: i know i'm being a bit perasan but pls bear with it. k?

Yeo Yao Her, Kennard 8)